Friday, July 02, 2010

far out folks it's friday

Hands up if your week absolutely sped by? Yep, mine too. Today's the last day of school so we're about to have two weeks of holidays to contend with. Wish me luck...

Tomorrow we're headed down to Sydney to check out furniture for my study. Now we've finalised our choice of the charcoal carpet for the study, we just need to choose a desk, chair, light-fitting and bookshelves. We think we've found most of them in our home-town, but we'd just like to confirm that there's nothing else out there that'd suit the purpose more.

Sunday night we have friends coming to dinner, we had to swap from the Saturday because we'd forgotten about the shopping trip {I swear, the things I've forgotten lately because they haven't been written down...}. I'm still undecided on the menu - best get in and look at some cookbooks for inspiration.

Finally, what's with the MasterChef contestants being unable to identify Coq au Vin? What on earth do these people eat normally? Seriously, the limited food knowledge of these contestants is starting to drive me batty. My 10-year-old has a broader food knowledge, and probably has a better palate, than some of these amateur cooks. "I've never cooked or eaten risotto/mashed potato/veal..." the list goes on. Regardless of your speciality a good cook needs an understanding of a wide range of foods - not just their chosen area. The right pastry can make a savoury dish sing and understanding how certain ingredients react to cooking is one of the basics in being able to experiment and create an amazing meal.

I'm pretty sure the contestants on MasterChef Jr will have a broader food knowledge than some of these people. Honestly, dumbing a show down to meet the lowest common denominator is tragic - but I guess the ratings keep climbing, and presumably sales of Handee Wipes and Campbells real stock will increase thanks to the increasingly prominent positioning. Sheesh.

What's on your weekend agenda?


  1. Did you happen to watch the Gruen Transfer this week - they were talking 'bout masterchef being one big advertisement.

  2. You need to be kinder to the Masterchefy's 'cos you know you're kids are gourmands, PPMJ. They eat a wider variety of posh food than I do...

    Happy weekend. I love that little playhouse. Wouldn't you love to live there!?

  3. What I don't understand is how they can whip up a blah blah blah with lemongrass twist, blueberry foam and parsley jus, but can't make mashed potato??? I am with you - people who just make chef food don't understand how people actually eat. Give me 'cook' food any day.

    And Kathryn is right - that was a great Gruen Transfer episode, complete with dissection of that ridiculous moment when Matt lumbered down to wipe the floor.
    But the CWA episode was some of the best TV I've seen in ages. SO many shrieks in our household (mostly from me). WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

  4. It's a friddly freezin' Friday in my neck of the world! Having been a victim of reality TV madness (DON'T ask!) & editing I am highly suspicious of Masterchef portrayal of all participants, but also completely ADDICTED!
    LOVE those fierce CWA gals!
    Have a fabulous weekend...I'll be on the couch in front of the fire with VINO! If you get the chance, do pop along to my blog, I've been somewhat sidetracked by life of late...but I'm back in to her now...hooray x

  5. We're off to Adelaide for a few days! You make me laugh when i read your comments on Masterchef! I agree! Who hasn't had mash potato for goodness sake! good luck with the shopping etc. Cathy x


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