Tuesday, July 13, 2010

flower power

While I spent the day yesterday working, my husband spent it in the garden. All the roses are now pruned and ready to burst into spring colour. All they'll need is a bucket of manure and a wee spot of sunshine to see new lush new growth sprouting out everywhere. It's funny, I don't even mind the bare, twiggy look. I guess it's because the catmint is so lush in between the roses, and we've got the odd Duchess de Brabant rose which doesn't need pruning and which are still covered in delicate pale pink blooms. But you can't just appreciate something for the end result, sometimes you've got to see the beauty in the journey...


  1. I agree. Have been looking for something to underplant my roses with so that the twigs disappear a bit in winter. Haven't got just the right thing yet, but soon, hopefully...

  2. After years of experimentation we're happy with our catmint. It's not the giant one, just a bit of a groundcover and seems to repel certain insects. Because it matts it's easy to pull aside when you're fertilising to!


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