Friday, July 30, 2010

friday's flowers

If my house weren't in disarray, I'd totally have at least two vase-full's of flowers on display. Until it's back in order I'll have to content myself with this lovely collection I found over at Martha Stewart. Pretty non?


  1. So pretty! I love everything they do at Martha Stewart. And they make it sound so easy too!

  2. Beautiful flowers, hope you are having a lovely friday!

  3. woops...I wish I'd read your comments before I posted mine...I look like a copy cat LOL

  4. I love flowers throughout the house in all little mismatched vases/glasses/tumblers...
    Just between you, me and the lamp post; there's a house a couple of streets down from me with this huge, rambling rose which basically covers the whole front of the house, and, since they must be too busy to prune it daily, I help them out for free!


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