Monday, July 12, 2010

a gift

Hope your Monday's serving you up something special. There are some times when you realise that life's a gift and you should just sweep it up in loving arms and give it a great big hug.

How are these Valentinos? I do love a bow, it makes everything seem more special. So a pair of black shoes with satin bows are bound to set my heart a-fluttering.

Enjoy your Monday, and I hope that every day you see some special gift in what's being offered to you.


  1. I'm a bow fan too and those shoes are goooorgeous. I love the way you write: "just sweep it up in loving arms and give it a great big hug." Dontcha just wanna some times!??

  2. These, just, ohmigoodness. That is all.

  3. Those are DELICIOUS! i would like to design a whole outfit around them - maybe something cream to offset the dark colour properly. Le sigh. Thank you that's a mightly lovely gift. xo


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