Thursday, July 15, 2010

is is the weekend yet?

Phew, surely this week is due to come to an end soon. I read this post over at Life In A Pink Fibro and it resonated with me oh-too-clearly. Holidays are always such a busy period for freelancers, I'm not quite sure why. Maybe others turn the work down, regulars go on holidays, or maybe it's just like a big burst of spring cleaning from the publishing industry. Who knows? I don't care how it comes, I'm just happy that it comes.

I'm trying to get as much done as I can today, while my gal's still having fun at her grandparents. They've baked their way through most of NSW's sugar, butter and flour supply by the sounds of things.

Enjoy your day - and plan a little party to celebrate when you've finished your tasks. I know that I will...


  1. "is it the weekend yet?" I asked myself the same question this morning. I am looking school hoildays ending :)

  2. This week really does seem to be going slooooooowly, doesn't it? I think it's because with The Badoo ill, I worked from home on Tuesday, which made me think it was Wednesday which fast-forward made me think today is Friday. But it's not...

  3. I love how positive you are about it all. :-)

  4. Had to be, LIAPF, smile or cry...

    Oh Maxabella, it can't be easy working with a poorly wee'un. Hope your friday's filled with sunshine and good health x


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