Saturday, July 17, 2010

it smells of spring

In my garden the snowbells have frocked up and are ready to lend their ballgown petals to a gaggle of partying fairies. I adore these delicate, nodding blooms and the fact that they're the first of the bulbs to flower in my garden.

Another sign that Spring's around the corner is that my jasmine is covered in red buds. Hundreds of them. Each promising to delight me with their intoxicating scent. Mmmmmm.


  1. Oooo snowbells...I adore them with their little green dots...we have them everywhere too!
    And that glorious Jasmina (as we call it) perfume.
    It's been raining all weekend here and I have barely moved off the couch!

  2. They're just so pretty aren't they? I adore Fuschia flowers for the same reason - I drove my mum mad pulling off the flowers when I was little so I could have fairy dancing parties.

    Your weekend of couch lolling sounds perfect!


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