Tuesday, July 06, 2010

just chill

As a freelancer you can work the strangest of hours. I started at 9am this morning and I'm still kicking on at 10.51pm. I did take a break and had a lovely walk down to the beach at sunset. The crazy 'non-storm' we had {weird, ferocious thunder for 20 minutes, then a few spits of rain followed by sunshine} seemed to have created a sunset that turned out quite the show over the ocean - yes, on the East Coast!

Lovely husband's watching le tour de France, picturing himself there next year in the crowds. He's also cleaned the kitchen to perfection and is making me a hot chocolate to sustain my final burst of work. I think I'll keep him...

Gal's at a sleepover so I'm free to burn the midnight oil - something I don't think I've really done since uni days. But I'm keen to knock over as much of this job as possible so at the end of the week we can toddle off to the Southern Highlands feeling I've earned a holiday.

Now, this cake - the cutest thing you've ever seen? That's a pudding - not some strange olive macaron fiasco {oh yes, I'm still going on about it. It's also on the cover of MasterChef magazine - with an added mustard coloured macaron. If that little bugger's actually mustard flavoured I think I'll move beyond feeling nauseous to the actuality...}. If we're going to have food that looks like another food at least let's have both of them looking delicious non?


  1. Here in the middle o' Satan's Arm Pit, SD, USA, people make watermelon cakes with wild abandon. Oh yes. Trust me. It's not that fantastic of an experience to eat.

  2. Oh really? I guess it's novel to me - and you know I'm going to attempt it next year...I'll make mine fabulous though, probably with some vodka with the watermelon...


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