Thursday, July 08, 2010

a little ray of sunshine

Sigh. Will it ever stop raining? I know that I shouldn't care as I'm just sitting at my desk working, but, well, it's noisy. Rain on a tin roof sounds romantic when the drought first breaks, but after a few days it's just another distraction.

Husband's having time off today to spend with the girl. They're off to see Toy Story 3. I'm a tad jealous, but after the whole watching-how-to-tame-your-dragon-in-the-front-row-in-3D I don't really mind. I think my eyes are forever traumatised by the too-close viewing.

Have I told you that I've developed a bit of a crush on Louis Ghost chairs? I was considering having one as an office chair, but these last few days of 12hour+ working days {and my friend Anne's OT advice...} have made me realise that I really do need an ergonomic office chair. Surely I can find a pretty one out there somewhere...

Back to work then.


  1. The Louis Ghost chairs are right up their with Eames Eiffel chairs and vintage bus scrolls... they are all gorgeous, gorgeous and in every home you see.

    I was just looking at that lovely photo that accompanies your post and I had an epiphany. I LOVE white homes with pretty detailing but I have never actually decorated in this manner. What is it that stops me?

  2. How pretty is that room?! I know what you mean about the rain; at first it's all warm and cosy to be inside but after awhile I need to go for a walk!

  3. I love the look of your blog. It is so so pretty! And the content is great too. I like those ghost chairs too but at the moment I'm absolutely hankering for a pair of plank chairs in my living room. I've banned myself from buying clothes and I'm saving. Thanks for such a lovely blog. I'm going to stay tuned from now on. KM

  4. I am jealous. I want to see Toy Story 3. And the new Shrek. My daughter's not old enough for the cinema yet though.

  5. Had to go and get myself a proper ergonomic chair and while it is not stylish (black with small grey dot) it is so comfortable and my back thanks me every day.


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