Monday, July 26, 2010

miu miu for monday

Look at these shoes. Can you possibly bear to look at them and not feel like coming over all Mad Men. I'm in love.

So, were we happy with the finale of MasterChef last night? I was. Adam proved himself a worthy winner and Callum scrubbed up pretty well as runner-up {actually, every time they cut to that glorious Macaron Callum made in London I swooned...}. Adam, of course, had me at pork belly - and pork belly three ways? Hello, I think I love you. I was crying away when he won, and then when they wheeled in his nana in a wheelchair? Oh, I started blubbing like crazy. Much better than last year's finale when I was just incredulous at the result.

I have my last spurt of busyness today before I get a breather. I'll give myself a day to move all the stuff from the hallway and do a spot of work in the study and then Wednesday it'll be back into the usual freelancers life of pitching story ideas like a maniac.

Speaking of the study, husband and daughter set to work painting the trims gloss white while I had a sneaky nap yesterday {I know!} The trim was cream gloss, but looked more tired and dirty than antique. The white freshness is already zinging it up. Now we just need to make a decision on the wall colour. Paint samples are on the wall, and so far I have a fave, and my husband has a fave, let's see who's sample wins out shall we...


  1. Goooooo the reno! Love that once again your husband 'got on with the job' while you napped or shopped. You really are living the life (ROFL).

    I blubbed for Adam as well and last night was the first time I've ever watched Masterchef. He seemed like such a lovely guy. And I loved that he called his dish 'Three Little Pigs', so clever.

  2. very, very happy with last night finale! Love Adam and can't wait to have his book, especially those pork belly recipes...yummy

    Good luck with your reno! can't wait to see pictures before and after.

    hope you'll have a fab week!xx

  3. Love the shoes. Wouldn't last five minutes in them, but love them. Good luck with the renos!

  4. Oh, those shoes are glorious. I love them!
    Very glad that Adam won, Callum is too young at this point to be a "master" anything, he's a good cook & am glad that he will be getting true restaurant experience, maybe even an apprenticeship, but Adam deserved to win, yes I had a blubber too when Nanna came in the wheelchair

  5. i think i am the only aussie who doesn't watch masterchef. what i do want to know is what happened to that girl everyone (in my circles) was saying was a shoe-in?

    brilliant shoes.


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