Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ooh la la

It's Bastille Day today - a day to consider all things French {hold on, how's that different to any day for moi?} Currently I'm celebrating by waiting on hold for Telstra. Le sigh. Me and a new sim card, that was never going to be pretty. Of course I've waited till the last minute to activate my new account, have inserted the sim card without bothering to find my phone's manual. Oh yeah, the height of organisation...

So Bastille Day - you doing anything French? Chic?


  1. Bonjour mes ami!

    Well, I"m not doing anything French in particular, but Hubby certainly is - he's currently cycling thru the French Alps and catching stags of Le Tour. Lucky him.

    Maybe I'll eat a croissant later.


  2. Oh wow, lucky hubby! My husband's doing the same next year, without the cycling... Just following.

    Enjoy your croissant x

  3. We're off to a Bastille Dinner at

    I'll be having Foie Gras, Lamb Saddle & Souffle - oh yeah!



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