Tuesday, July 27, 2010

perfectly pretty

I'm loving this image of Riley Keough in Vogue - although it does make me feel 900 years old - Elvis's little girl has a little girl this grown-up? Oh my!

Things from this shot I'll be needing? That bike, that garden, that skirt, that cardi, that hairstyle, those eyebrows, that cherry-red pout.


  1. She looks so like her mother! And I want that skirt... I'm so happy that the super-versatile, super-flattering A-line is making a comeback.

  2. The a-line skirt is the best invention - ever! And isn't she just gorgeous, as is her mother, and her mother (well, her mother was before all the plastic surgery...)

  3. GET OUT!!! nooooo way, I can remember when she was BORN!!! Wow she really is stunning - why why was I not born from that gene pool? Very unfair I think. And I agree - poor Pricilla has taken it just too far

  4. She looks gorgeous! Totally agree about poor old Priscilla: she looks like shes been hit by a train and they had to give her a face transplant.Lets hope Riley stays authentic and lovely.

  5. OK...well, I'll just have the bag then...if everything else is taken. LOL

    I can't believe this is Lisa Marie's daughter - already this old! She looks just like Priscilla, don't you think? Well, Priscilla before her facial changes;)

  6. Surely she can not be this old - bugger - that's right I turned 55 this week - sigh.


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