Sunday, July 25, 2010

put your feet up

There were a few moments yesterday when I had absolutely nothing to do. I'd dropped the gal at a birthday party, husband was at a boy's day, I'd pruned the lilly pillies and fertilised the roses so I sat on the couch and read the paper at a leisurely pace.


After I'd finished I started to get twitchy and look around for something to do: should I clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen floor? Something? Anything? Bueller? But I forced myself to chill and today I feel positively rejuvenated.

We've got a netball game in an hour - it's a rain make-up game. The sky's a delicate shade of blue, it's not too chilly and the gal's in a good mood. Hopefully we'll have a full team today - I was a player down yesterday which always makes for a tough game. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy your Sunday - hope you get to put your feet up - if only for 15 minutes {go on, make up a "Do Not Disturb" sign and give it a shot}.


  1. Your Saturday sounds blissful. Sometimes, doing nothing is doing everything you need.

  2. My sign says...
    Do Not Disturb
    PPMJ says so.

    Good luck at your game!

  3. Go on Lucy - fifteen minutes!

    Maxabella, so true!

    Yay Melissa - it is an order you shan't resist!


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