Monday, July 19, 2010

school daze

Ahhhh, that's the school holidays over for another few months {nearly wrote 'phew months' ha!}. We survived nicely - but I'm glad to be back in the routine. I got myself organised over the weekend to ensure that all clothing was washed and ready to go, mini-quiches were cooked and in freezer or fridge, muffins also baked and in freezer and that there was a sufficient stack of suitable fruit in the fridge for fruit break {oranges and strawberries alternate this week}.

I took the gal shopping yesterday afternoon, and while we were in JB HiFi looking at a case for her iPod, I saw a shiny, new wireless mouse for my mac. I love my mac, but my mouse has been misbehaving for quite some time. The old Mighty Mouse would collect so much grot underneath that it would be tough to move around. You'd point the curser and all of a sudden it'd just fly off in another direction. The cord would tangle around itself, catch under the mouse, and had also frayed at the end, revealing bits of silver wiring underneath.

The job I've been working on over the school holidays involved a lot of editing. A lot of cutting, pasting, highlighting, deleting, adding... - a real mouse job. Doing that job with a dodgy mouse nearly did my head in - but did I do anything or did I just grumble?

I just grumbled.

So anyway, there I was yesterday, with a mouse staring me in the face. I sucked it up and bought it and oh my. Best $99 I've ever spent. When your job revolves around your computer it's best to make it the best computer possible. This streamlined little beauty works on any surface {even my leg - just checked} and it's so cute. It's possibly even taken a wee smidgen of my affection away from my new iPhone. Nah, I'm still besotted with that beauty.

Today, I'll be getting a buttload of work done with ease. Apparently the other mouse was a mighty mouse, but I reckon this one should be called "Magnificent Mouse".


  1. It's the feeling, and school holiday’s end you can finally get back to normal. The mouse sounds awesome 

  2. Hooray! I love it when I finally do something about something that's been bugging me for a while. Magnificent Mouse sounds as though it will be an excellent addition to your household. And I can't tell you how happy I am to be sitting in a quiet house, ready to start work - in the daytime!

  3. Oops my post doesn't make much sense. I meant to say it's it a wonderful feeling when school holidays end.

  4. Wow Kelly, I must be really excited about school holidays as your first comment made total sense to me!

    I'm the Queen of delayed gratification LIAPF, I force myself to be really, really unhappy with something before I replace it. Enjoy your lovely, quiet, naturally-lit working environment.

  5. "Phew months" - top pun!

    I'm on a mission to irradicate appalling 'mouse' situations from my life in general. Gone dodgy door handle that my coat catches on every single morning. Pow to you, toilet roll holder that doesn't hold the toilet paper properly. Wham broken deck boards. Pow, Wham, Blat!

  6. It's funny how it can be so much more satisfying to buy something that you really need, rather than something you want because it's pretty. That picture is GORGEOUS by the way!

  7. LOL re: the mouse. We've got a dodgey one too at the moment. It's causing a lot of choice words to ring through our house. IKWYM re: cutting and pasting - argh!!! Nightmare! Must get a new one too;)


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