Thursday, July 15, 2010

ain't life grand

Some of my most precious memories from growing up are those times spent with my grandparents. My dad's mum and dad lived in a waterfront house on the lake, a tiny home, with a big veranda from which we'd feed kookaburras little pieces of mince of a morning. They had an open fire which my grandfather stoked up every day, and many breakfasts were spent cooking the toast with the special fork he'd made up to brown bread over an open flame.

My mum's parents lived in a house with the most amazing vegie gardens. My memories of tomatoes are still spoiled by the tasty red beauties my pop would grow. Whether on buttered Saos or between slices of white bread, sprinkled with salt and pepper, these flavours were hard to beat.

My daughter's lucky to have six grandparents: my mum and step-dad, my dad and step-mum and my husband's parents. My parents manage to live on opposite sides of Australia - Melbourne for my mum and Far North Queensland for my dad, but luckily they regularly come to visit and my gal gets to spend an intensive week with them a few times a year. She had activities she likes to do with each. With my mum it's beach visits, she loves helping Grandpa and hanging out with him in the kitchen - or wherever he is. With my step-mum it's craft {hurrah, as I am soooooo not a craft mum} and shopping trips - along with walking their pup Bella. Now they've got the Motor Home and drive south regularly, my gal loves visiting her nan and pop while they're 'parked' near the beach.

My in-laws live a 40 minute trip north. Close enough for regular visits, and for my gal, the perfect place to chill in the holidays. My husband dropped her off on Tuesday night for a two day sleepover, with us due to pick her up tonight. But she called an hour ago and whispered "Can I stay another night?" Of course her delighted grandparents were more than happy to grant her request.

In the past few days she's baked, she's knitted, she's played, and she's just reveled in this opportunity to lap up grandparent time. Even though we'd only been away with her Nana and Pa last weekend, this gal knows when she's on a good thing. Considering she's one of, 13 grandchildren {not counting the great grandchildren!} she's blessed to spend this time with them.

She'll have some pretty special memories of times with her grandparents when she grows up - and hopefully she'll have kids that she'll encourage to have sleepovers with her grandparents - so I can crank up the KitchenAid for a new generation.


  1. I LOVE this post. LOVE it. How lucky A lucky all our kids are. You are going to be a ROCKING Gma. In fact, I think you were born to be one. In FACT, can you be MY grandma? Thanks x

  2. I guess I'm old enough to be your grandma... Sure!

  3. just like a beautiful story...loved your post!!! your daughter is so lucky, she'll treasure these moments forever; unfortunately, mine, is not so lucky, all her grandparents are back in Europe and she's seeing them on skype...but I'll do my best when my time will come; hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!xx


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