Wednesday, July 14, 2010

something sweet

Do you look for the prettiness in your day? The things that stand out and make you smile? I had to do that this morning after being shuffled around to 6 different Telstra departments {all with that odd mechanical voice thing that's so difficult to understand...}. Nobody could help me, everyone knew they had to pass me to someone else, I swear I went back to the same department at least once or twice... But I had to chill. I found myself getting angrier and angrier, until I stopped and realised that it was okay. I was sitting here, in front of my computer, and I had the opportunity just to cruise around the internet with nothing else pressing. I did have work to do, but I can't focus on research while I'm waiting {and cranky}.

So I cruised, checked out some blogs {barely commented though - sorry - I'll get back into that soon...} and found a few places to dream.

Then, after I hung up, my lovely gal called. She's having two night's sleepover at her grandparents and is having a ball. So far they've made cupcakes and hazelnut slice - and she was due to decorate them next. Bless. Just hearing the happiness in her voice made everything seem better. So I'll buckle down now and get to work. Real work. I'm happy knowing that I'm getting my work done and my gal's spending some serious quality time with her grandparents - you couldn't pay for that could you?


  1. Did you get your Telstra problem resolved?

  2. Hopefully. I have a two hour wait {Ha!} before I can turn on my phone and find out. I'm switching mobile plans - to Telstra, what was I thinking...?

  3. Ahhh, Telstra. Now there's a company that will send you to the fridge looking for chocolate.

  4. Oh Vicki, I know - what was I thinking? Honestly, those weird voice generators drive me insane? What is the go with that?

  5. Yummo - look at those little delights!


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