Monday, July 26, 2010

sweet treat

Oh my. Working when it's frosty really isn't my favourite thing. Because my study's now perfumed with the scent of eau de oil paint I'm keeping the air-con off so the fumes don't go through the whole house.

I'm close to finishing up my story that's due tomorrow - and oh boy, will I give myself a reward at the end. Maybe not a cake as enormous and gorgeous as the one here with Miss Kylie - but something lovely non-the-less. I have managed to pain my nails with a matte lavender shade {Orly Lollipop - love!} which has given me a glimmer of inspiration. Maybe I just need to pop on my iTunes and belt out a few Kylie tunes to get me through the next hour before school pick-up. Reckon that'll help me polish off a first-draft won't it?


  1. Laveder nails sound so pretty, sounds like you deserve a nice reward after finishing your story!

  2. Thanks Kelly - the nails are already starting to look a bit ratty - might be time for a second coat!


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