Sunday, July 04, 2010

to market, to market

After a very successful shopping day yesterday {nothing bought really, just lots noted for future reference - and one store that looked amazing on-line crossed off the list after being viewed IRL} we had a lazy night. Leftover shepherds pie {changed my menu plan after Liss wrote about golden syrup dumplings and I had to cook them Friday night} was consumed and then we all watched Relocation Relocation before the girls headed off to bed and the boy stayed up to watch World Cup and Tour de France.

This morning while my husband sleeps, the gal and I are headed off to the Farmers Markets. They've been tweeting up a storm about new foods on offer, so I can't wait to check it out. We've got friends coming to dinner tonight so it'll be lovely to cook yummy market-fresh food for them. Gotta love the school holidays when you can have friends to dinner on a Sunday night.


  1. Gosh I ♥ that shopping's of my MANY "if only I had got off my fat arse and done it" ideas - No really, about 15 years ago I said to my partner "I reckon someone should re-design the granny jeep in funky fabrics"
    I'll be making shepherd's pie tonight with leftover roast lamb.
    It's been a quiet one here, this weekend.

  2. Ya gotta love a shopper. As a teen we lived just up the road from the shops and I remember being hideously embarrassed by my mum's bright orange shopper. Who used a shopper in the 80's besides actual 80 year olds? These days I consider her a pioneer of eco shopping...

  3. I'm addicted to Relocation, Relocation!

    Hope you all enjoy the school holidays. xx.

  4. Damn - shame you missed out. I do need a funky shopping trolley Frankly Feisty - reckon that you'd make the most gorgeous one.

    Maxabella, wow your mum is ahead of the times!

    Belinda, oh, me too. And thanks x


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