Sunday, July 18, 2010

well hello!

Oooh, it's oh-so-quiet. Husband left at 7.45 this morning to play golf, taking the wee lass with him. Last night she told us how much she missed her Nana {yes, this would be the nana we went away with, and that she had a three-night-sleepover with} so she's gone to spend the morning with her. Nana, as you can imagine, is positively tickled pink - as am I as it means I can get sooooo much done.

It's a glorious winter's day again today. Blue skies aplenty. So I'll be doing loads of washing, a bit of tidying and later on, cooking up a storm for school lunches. I've been inspired by Liss at Frills in the Hills and plan on doing a lot more freezing than I've done in the past {usually I'll make three days of quiches and keep them in the fridge}.

Last night I had my first real eBay success. I was hunting for a case for my iPhone because now I've got a black iPhone, daughter has a black iTouch and we have a black iPpod, I thought the chances of my walking out with the wrong iDevice were pretty high. So after some searching I found a Cath Kidston gadget case on eBay - with only a few hours till closing. I made my bid and followed my usual shopping guidelines {how much would I happily pay for this if I saw it in a store, regardless of the label?} and then put in my maximum bid {odd dollar number, odd cents number}. For the last 40 minutes I sat there watching and had the heart-stopping moments of watching the other bidder rise, and rise, and rise - until I won. They stopped $3.75 lower than me. I'm thrilled, particularly as Cath Kidston don't have this case on sale any more {it's white, with lovely pink roses}. Very happy.

Oh, and how much am I already loving my iPhone? How do I count the ways?

Finally - I did actually sneakily cook salmon for dinner last night after managing to skip it once again on its required night. Now, do I brave the crowds at the Farmer's Markets today, or just shrug my shoulders and shop at Coles... We'll see.


  1. You could SO create this hallway at your place. How seriously devine is it? LOVE.

  2. I know - I was thinking the same thing. It's from my 'inspiration folder...

  3. How lovely! I love Cath Kidston! I want one:)

  4. Sounds like a gorgeous iPhone cover and a great idea too! Wouldn't be able to make many calls on an iPod!


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