Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

The meal planning went pretty much according to schedule last week - I even cooked the salmon {on Saturday night rather than Friday - but I cooked it!}. School's back in business now, along with ballet, netball and all the other activities, so this week's menu will reflect this. Here's what we're eating:
Wednesday: Netball training this afternoon, home late and starving. Provencal chicken, rice and broccoli shall do nicely. I'll cook the chicken before picking up the gals, cook it while we're getting ready and pop it in the slow cooker to stay warm.
Thursday: Back to French Lessons. Spaghetti Bolognaise
Friday: Chicken schnitzel, roasted vegies and salad
Saturday: Just the gal and I, hubby has his annual sporting day with his buddies. Hmmm, home-made pizzas perhaps?
Sunday: Roast dinner night. Love a Sunday Night Roast. I'll find something yummy at the farmer's markets. Last week we had pork belly. Oh yes we did!
Monday: Netball for me. Chicken tacos.
Tuesday: Ballet for the gal. Slow cooker beef curry, wilted spinach and rice.

Done. You?


  1. Oh you DID pork belly alright! Daise and I made home made pizzas last night and LOVED the process. Not sure about the rest of the week - italian sausage pasta tonight and then I don't know! Hopefully some champagne...?

  2. You and Daisy inspired me with the home-made pizza bit - I'll have to get Liss's recipe.

    Champagne certainly sounds good!!!

  3. I am so disorganised when it comes to dinner and shop everyday for ingredients usually at 5pm when I drop the parcels in the mail box. This is a fabulous idea; I am suddenly thinking that "meal planning" could be good for me! Oh and it would save so much time!

  4. Kelly, that was me a year ago - drove me nutso. Meal planning is a time saver, sanity saver, money saver, stress saver - it's the best!


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