Friday, July 30, 2010

white out

I realised last night, as we put the final coat of white undercoat on the study walls, that while I like the concept of all-white interiors, the reality leaves me a little cold. Thankfully we've decided to go with a coat of Lavender Rose on the walls - a pale lavender with a hint of pink {shhh, don't tell Maxabella and Life In A Pink Fibro - a family that was scarred by the colour lavender if ever I've heard of one}. Combined with my massive white bookcase {in four pieces in my bedroom - and even in bits I'm still besotted with it}, white desk {in a box on the front veranda} and charcoal carpet I think the hint of colour will add a touch of glamour and warm up the room nicely.

Cannot wait to put the first coat on tonight. Squeeeeeeee!


  1. lavender rose sounds so pretty, hope you post a pic when its done :)

  2. Thank heavens about the colour! For a second I feared my Mum had done a guest post - white-outs make her cry for joy and leave me feeling like I'm in a holding cell for observation. 'Lavender Rose'!! Yessssssss!!


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