Saturday, July 17, 2010

wow, weekend...

Heya, how's Saturday treating you so far? Mine's going well. I finally moved into this century yesterday and got myself an iPhone. Hurrah. I'm already in love. I guess some time this weekend will involve looking through apps, and, um, trying to learn how to work it.

My gal's finally home from her grandparents. She had the time of her life and wasn't at all keen to leave {I'm sure she missed us a little bit}. Today husband's gone to Sydney to do some checking out of kitchen stuff - in preparation for our future kitchen reno {at least two years away, mind}. He's keen to consider all the options so we can finalise a budget and work out exactly when we can do it. So the gal and I are hanging at home. I have some work to do - and she's keen to teach me how to use my iPhone.

Tomorrow we're off to the Farmer's Markets. Natch. My gal's keen to go along as Jake from MasterChef's going to be there selling some wares. I'm keen to go and get some fresh produce into the house. Honestly, how GOOD is seasonal food? The other day I had terrible sweet cravings after checking out a tweetpic from Baked Uprising and found myself a lovely mandarin in the crisper. I sat on the front stairs, in the winter sunshine, consuming the sweet citrus goodness and, oh my - does life get any better? {well, possibly if I were eating one of those macarons above, but details people...}

Enjoy your weekend. Hope it sees all your dreams come true.


  1. Wow, macaroons. Wow, iPhone. Wow, Farmers Market. Wow.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend ahead. We have just signed up to have our kitchen done - it is costing a bomb, but we are getting exactly what we wanted, including removing a wall. Have a great weekend. xxx

  3. I KNOW! Maxabella - all good so far.

    Kakka, I'm loving your kitchen plans. Woo hoo!


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