Tuesday, August 31, 2010

direct delivery

I'm very excited. Not only have I started off my morning in the best possible way {re-watching the opening Emmy scene - damn, that's happy-inducing} but yesterday I ordered groceries on-line. Bliss. Why didn't I think of this before as I'm house-bound? Who knows...

So today there will be fresh fruit and veg, meats {including free-range pork belly for my gal's welcome home dinner!} and yoghurt. Can. Not. Wait.

I think the worst part of being house-bound is the sheer boredom. Boredom of seeing nobody, but boredom of eating the same damned foods. Dinners have been simple so there's no leftovers for lunch, and my shopping lists for my husband have also been simple so he can quickly dash into Coles on his way home from work. I can't possibly eat another ham sandwich - toasted, pan fried or any way.

Husband has a work lunch so today I'm going back on the crutches in search of Sushi. Hopefully I'll find a nice, close park near the sushi store. My damned knee keeps swelling when I walk on it, so I'm still trying to keep my weigh off it. I'm seeing a surgeon on Friday re: reconstruction of the ligament I tore. I have fingers and toes crossed that I can just do rehabilitation as the recovery from the operation is six to 10 weeks which just seems unbearably long.

In good news it's warming up and my pool's starting to look mighty inviting. I'm looking forward to the swimming to build up the muscles to strengthen my knee - and for the cold water to help reduce the swelling. Bring it on.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's an Emmy's opening I need to watch again...


  1. Oh PPMJ! Poor you. If only I could pop around with some sushi for you I would. At least you will have some groceries delivered and you know with Woolies version (homeshop) they deliver booze? So you could have all of the above AND champagne. Now that would help surely?

  2. PEOPLE DELIVER ALCOHOL!?!?!? Damn - why didn't I know this?

    thank you lovely - good luck with your oh-so-many inspections, sounds like you've got some interest. Fingers and toes crossed for Saturday xxx

  3. It is awful being housebound, but Woolies delivers wine... check it out!

  4. Oh, I just read BabyMac's comment and she already told you that... sorry! Still, it's worth saying twice, isn't it!!

  5. I love how both of you knew this - but how on earth did I not?

    What's worse is I've just discovered I have no coffee beans! Eek!!


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