Thursday, August 19, 2010

dr google

At best, I'm a suggestible hypochondriac. When I read about a symptom, I will then tend to experience it. So you can imagine what Dr Google's like for me. While I'm waiting till 9am Monday to have my knee injury officially diagnosed, I've been calling on good ol' Dr Google to help me sate my curiosity. Bad move.

Because no two injuries or symptoms are exactly alike I could have anything from a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament that may well require reconstructive surgery to a simple cartliage tear or strain that just requires rest.

A sensible person would stop googling phrases such as "Knee popping sound".

Oh, to be a sensible person...


  1. Oh I can relate! I'm one of Dr Google's best patients.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


  2. How can you not google? But...try to keep an open mind and hope for the best. A lot can happen between now and Monday morning - let's not forget there will likely to be a pork roast on Sunday too - THAT can fix almost anything x

  3. "Knee popping sound" Hahahaha! Put an ice pack on it and keep it up sweets. Does it really hurt? Or is it a twinge? A bad tear should be pretty swollen and painful to put weight on. That's what Dad said anyway when he tore his. xo

  4. Wait - pardon my ingnorance. I just read your earlier posts. Poor thing!! If it blew up like a balloon its probably pretty torn. I swear by alternating hot packs with cold packs to bring the bruise out, though I've been told that's a really unorthodox approach. Poor thing!!

  5. Google is great to answer any question you might have, I can see why one might use it to self diagnose :) Hope it's fixed and you feeling better soon. Might be a great excused to do lots of reading while you are resting your knee!

  6. I know, I use google all the time to put names to my illnesses.

    Try not to though. Half the time it does more harm than good.

    Nothing beats a "real" doctor.


  7. Oh, I know, it is the worst to check Google when suffering an ailment. I often do the same.

  8. Noooooo, step away from the computer. No good can ever come of googling symptoms. If you google hard enough you can always find what you have is life threatening!


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