Friday, August 13, 2010

fantastically friday

Hands up if you can believe it's friday... yep, me neither. Excuse me, but where does the week go? I've had a busy morning. My in-laws popped in for a cup of tea and to check out my study {ooohs and aahs were appropriately metered out} and I made up my vanilla custard for my ice-cream. Oh yes, we'll be having fresh French Vanilla Ice-Cream churned in my KitchenAid after dinner tonight.

My gal has a friend staying for a sleepover tonight and I reckon I'll get some serious brownie points for serving fresh ice-cream. So much so that the main course will barely matter.

It's an absolutely beautiful day today. The sky's blue, there's no wind, and my garden's looking fit to burst with spring's promise. I have lanky stalks and white buds on the primula's that are circling the dovecote, my violas have their pretty faces dancing in the sun, the roses are covered in new red shoots - and the jasmine has me squealing in delight at the promise of its sweetly scented display.

Did I tell you that this weekend I'm catching up with my buddies from the Uni Newspaper days? 20 years on we've arranged a catch-up and I can't wait. Funnily enough we've all gone on to work in the media - nice as that was the aim. I'm sure there'll be some hilarious reminiscing going on. If you hear laughter carried down the ocean from Merewether you'll know who's to blame...


  1. How wonderful - enjoy, enjoy!!

  2. I can almost see those flowers and smell the flowers that are ready to pop. Come on Spring! Have a great weekend x

  3. Those sweet little jonquils are getting me excited for Spring. We always do this, don't we? Mid-August and we're ducking out without our coats only to fall prey to the fact that it is actually bloody cold out there!

    Which Uni paper did you work? I used to do reviews for Honi Soit back in the day.

  4. Can you please post all the really cool stories about your Uni escapades? I'm sure there will be lots of blog fodder and us cool types need to know. :P


  5. Thanks Rianna - I certainly will!

    Oh Beth, they're divine - as are the blue hyacynths on my desk!

    Maxabella, it was Opus at Newcastle Uni, worked on it from first year and edited in my final year. Oh, those were the days...

    E - will do - I'll just need my friends to remind me!


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