Sunday, August 08, 2010

film fest

I noticed last night that SBS are holding some kind of French Film Season, so I forced myself to stay up waaaaaay past my bedtime to view La Vie en Rose for the second time. The first viewing is a harrowing adventure - Edith's life took tragic to whole new depths. But oh, the love story between Edith and the married boxer Marcel was just amazing. Looking at this shot of the real couple you realise just how astonishing the casting of this film was. To see the intensely beautiful Marion Cottilard play the extraordinarily aging Piaf was dumbfounding - and oh, did they cast the right sexy kind of beast to play Marcel...

This film will make you hug your children tight, so thankful will you be for their childhood, and it's a film that will stay with you long after the final credits role. Emotional, harrowing, breathtaking and raw, La Vie on Rose doesn't depict a rosy life for the little sparrow - but it does reveal an extraordinary one.


  1. really wish i had seen that that was on....i have not ever seen it....have you ever visited edith piaf's grave? sorry to get all morbid on your blog but that cemetery is truly amazing

  2. I had no idea just how tragic and incredible her life was until I saw that movie a year or so ago. It was an amazing movie. Wish I'd noticed it was on telly.

  3. Gill, we had the cemeteries on the list for our first visit to Paris, but because I was pregnant I chickened out {too superstitious}, last time we forgot, but perhaps next time? You have to check out this film, but it is extraordinarily harrowing.

    Corinne, I know, me too. I knew a little, but wow, condensed into a few hours it was overwhelming. Second time around I wasn't so shell-shocked and could enjoy it more.

  4. Don't blame you - I would think the same thing had I been pregnant! You def. should go on your next visit...Oscar Wilde's tombstone is worth seeing there too (i'm a big fan)

    Been checking SBS program guide in case they do a repeat of the film!


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