Friday, August 20, 2010

friday fleurs

Here are my birthday hyacinths, now gone, but not forgotten. I do love a scented flower, and if they've got pretty blooms much the better. I noticed that our jasmine's now starting to bloom so I'll have to ask my gal to pick me a stem or two to place in a little jug beside my bed - dreams are always sweeter when they're scented with home-grown flowers.

My gal and I are off to a friend's house this afternoon for a mums and kids catch-up. She has the perfect outdoor entertaining backyard with a big veranda, pool and massive yard for kids to play in. She's also the perfect host so it shall be buckets of fun. I'll only have the one champers - can barely negotiate stairs and crutches when I'm not tiddly {ps: the french word for tiddly - pompette - "Je suis un peu pompette" sounds much nicer than "I'm a little sozzled" does it not?}.

Hubby and the gal are going to finish off painting the hall and the vestibule area outside the study - and they'll probably go for a bike ride or 70. They went out last night to buy a bike pump and came home with a new bike for a certain young miss. She needed it. We worked out that she was 17cm too tall for her other bike. Five foot tall at the age of 10 - with her legs taking up around 4 feet of that height... So she's now got a pretty pale green adult-sized bike. Chuffed? Oh yes indeedy.

Enjoy your friday. I'm going to spend the day writing. I have a footstool under my desk to elevate my leg and I'm ready to go. Speak to you soon.


  1. Beautiful flowers, sounds like you have a lovely day planed!

    My mum is in hospital today she broke her leg last night while cleaning up my sister’s vomit she slipped. She will be able to relate to the crutches soon.

  2. Oh Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum - and your sister - eek! Hugs to her x

  3. That's alright sweetie - that's what it's here for xxx


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