Friday, August 13, 2010

friday's flowers

Admittedly my last post did feature one very pretty freesia in the image - but I've been saving these lilacs, peonies and roses especially for today. Oh, I wish I lived in the Southern Highlands, or Tasmania, where the climate is ripe for peonies and lilacs. As I don't I'll just have to content myself with holidays during their blooming period. Sounds reasonable doesn't it?


  1. We can't do lilacs in Sydney? Sadness. I was thinking of getting one in...

  2. You might be able to. I'm in Newcastle and too close to the beach. I think they require a fair chunk of cold to flower correctly. Maybe they've now created a hybrid that'll survive?

  3. I'm with you on the dream for these beautiful, decadent, scented goodies.
    I've managed to get a few jonquils to share their loveliness in my garden but Queensland is just too hot.
    x Felicity


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