Friday, August 27, 2010

friday's flowers

I love a sweet-smelling full-blown rose. I'm thinking I need to gather a vase-ful for my desl/ Don't you?


  1. I adore old roses... but exactly where would I be 'gathering' from, my dear? I have 3 rose bushes with a sum total of 3 leaves a piece. No roses. Ask me in a couple of months (or maybe not, last season I managed to get 1 rosebud that didn't open... rose growing is clearly not my thing!!!)

  2. I've just planted two new rose bushes. I really hope they get their act together and deliver!

  3. Oh yes, Maxabella - just realised that my enormous rose bush that never stops flowering {duchess de brabant - beautiful} had to be DUG UP as a sewer pipe had burst under it {no wonder it was enormous and always-blooming...}

    Kerry - fingers crossed! We'll be planting a new Duchess de Brabant to replace our old one - and a new one to plant a Graham Thomas that's had its day.


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