Wednesday, August 18, 2010

just lolling around

So, I'm just lolling around with my knee elevated - but not looking anywhere near as glamorous as this. Sadly there are no tasty morsels within arm's reach either. My in-laws are coming down today to help attend to my needs as I lie with bags of frozen peas clamped around my knee - bless their socks. Husband has meetings in Sydney so I needed to organise school pick ups {thank you lovely friends} and so many other tasks.

I'm already bored of course. Even with Foxtel there's only so much television you can watch - and watching lifestyle food is torturous when you're hungry and can't get yourself anything to eat {well, I've yet to work out a way of walking with crutches and carrying a plate or a cup... I did clasp a bottle of water under my chin yesterday after filling it at the water filter in the fridge}.

Enough of my moaning. Tell me what exciting things you're up to. Geez, I can't even post a What We're Eating This Week post - because I wouldn't have a clue!


  1. Sending lots of healing thoughts and love your way. Have you been to the doctors and got a diagnosis yet? Hopefully it will heal without surgery. Great that you have a laptop to surf the net for a little light relief from the TV. xxx

  2. Poor PPMJ! Why do I live so far? Why can't I come around with my left over shanks and make you a little shank pot pie? Why did I just say that to make you hungry?

    Nothing very exciting happening here. I went to the shops this morning to get apples to fill up a bowl on my kitchen island bench for the open house tomorrow. See? Nothing happening round here.

    Sending you LOTS of love and get better soon knee vibes. I am EXTRA good at those vibes didn't you know?


  3. Oh, hon. Hope everything is back to norm soon! Rest up.

    At least you can still blog. There's a bonus both for you - and us - right there! ;)

  4. Oh you poor, poor thing. Hope you're on the mend very soon.

    In the mean time, lie back and let everyone take good care of you.

    Not much happening here. Kids went to playgroup this morning with my mum and I went for a long walk in the sun around the harbour. Truly relaxing and revitalising. But I'm guessing you don't want to hear about walking now, do you?

    Get better soon. xxx

  5. I feel your pain, I appear to have sprained my hand which really isn't ideal when I have a toddler to look after all day!


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