Tuesday, August 24, 2010

look at your man, now look at me

The geniuses behind the Old Spice ads won an Emmy - as they damned well should. Seriously, those ads = brilliance. Did you see their series of Twitter/YouTube responses? No? Well by jingo by crikey go Google them. I spent far-too much time when they were live going through them and nearly chocking on my own saliva laughing hysterically and simultaneously being in awe of the quick-witted script-writers {oh, and yes, drooling at Mr Old Spice himself, c'mon, I'm human}.

My faves? The Alyssa Milanos... Gold.


  1. Oh Yes! He is just a bit lovely!

  2. I love that man my man could smell like. x

  3. OMG where have I been?!?
    I hadn't seen these ads and have had to watch a couple of times now.
    Not entirely sure that I'm convinced that Old Spice smells all that great but if it makes my man that 'multi-talented'...well?
    x felicity


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