Monday, August 02, 2010

lucky numbers

There cannot just be one shoe of the week this week as I've reached quite a milestone post. Guess how many?

One thousand, five hundred*. I know - apparently I never shut up. I think it's because I work from home so I don't have any workmates to turn to and say, "ooooh, guess what?" so you're all effectively my workmates. Want to go grab a coffee?

So, for your viewing pleasure this morning I've selected a range of shoes from net-a-porter - there's "Shiny!", "Lacey", "Bows!" and "Scallops!" {the edging, not the mollusc} for us all to delight over.

Now, I'm off to count down the seconds till Wednesday afternoon when my carpet is laid and my furniture returns, or is placed, in its rightful position. I'm looking forward to actually being able to walk in a straight line and not have to squish between things to find something I need. Oh, and to be able to open my bedroom drawers more than 3cm. OOOOH, and to have a completed study - that's my real dream. Bliss...

*Or, alternatively, it could be 1450. I swear to god that yesterday blogger told me I was up to 1499 but today it's told me a different tale. Oh well, the shoes are cute, and 1450 is still a damned lot of posts...


  1. WOW that is a lot of posts - well done. Nice shoes too. Have a great week, I'll put the coffee on - so pop on over if you would like to grab a cup. I think I would find it hard to work from home all the time - I do it from time to time and love it but also need the other stimulation that comes from working in an office.

  2. I love the red! Congrats on your 1500. I'm in awe. And good luck with getting those renos finished.

  3. 1500 that's great. Just as well I don't know what I would do without my daily dose of PPMJ. It is like having a friend in the office when you work from home. I should get in the habit of commenting more online. Not just to myself.

  4. Enjoy Wednesday when life becomes easier. New carpet will be such a treat.
    Those are some big heels!
    A clink, clink from my coffee cup to yours. x

  5. Jeepers! 1500. I have enjoyed them all (well all the ones I have been reading for the past year). Well done lady x

  6. congrats on your 1500!hope more to come! have a great week; xx


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