Monday, August 23, 2010

monday {no moaning required}

I've just returned from the physio and the good news is that I'm not a hypochondriac. The bad news is that I have torn cartliage and probably have snapped my ACL - a rather important ligament whose job seems to be to hold the top half of your leg and the bottom half together. The physios were talking operations, I'm thinking slow recovery.

The other good news is that I can walk, with just one crutch now just in case. I'm also allowed to ride my bike when the weather clears {mainly because I put my left foot down, rather than my right}.

It's the same injury my husband suffered with a few years back so I know what to expect. Considering that he had the operation and doesn't have 100 per cent use of his knee I'm erring on the 'do what you can to recover and strengthen side'. I won't play netball again - but I was ready to give up playing anyway. Cycling's perfect - as is swimming - so it just means rethinking what I'm capable of doing and finding something new.

How was your weeekend?


  1. Ouch!
    Here's to spending lots of time in a space just like the one in your photo with LOTs of sympathetic pampering from your hubby.
    x Felicity

  2. Your attitude is amazing, young lady! I wish I was the type of person who was instantly looking for another way to stay active. I'd be more inclined to thinking 'yay, I need never do sport again!'

  3. Terrible outcome, fabulous outlook. Fingers crossed for a speedier than expected recovery.

    Take care of yourself. xx

  4. Urgh...this was NOT the result you were hoping for but no doubt it will be the start of a different and still fabulous chapter in your life. Here's to a speedy recovery x

  5. Agree with Maxabella. I'd be sobbing in the bath with a bottle of gin, all 'woe is me'. You need to do some internet shopping to reward yourself for being such a thoroughly awesome woman. xo

  6. Ouchy. Glad you can walk again. I hope the slow and steady road to recovery gives you back plenty of movement.

    Medicinal alcohol as pain relief is allowable right?

  7. Oh honey that's terrible news. But it's good you can walk and ride your bike though. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Gives you a chance to slow down a little and smell the roses. I love your outlook on life.

  8. Glad you are back on your, Foot? Cycling is great fun. I love it! I hope you manage without an op and the rehab goes swimmingly (excuse terrible use of pun :)

  9. Oh no. So sorry to hear that. But you sound like you are being really positive which is fantastic. Hope you heal quickly xxx


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