Tuesday, August 10, 2010

neverending story

Okay, time to knuckle down. I currently have the world's cleanest and tidiest study - but every other room in the house looks dreadful. I still have so many boxes of "stuff" and piles of "things" that need to go "somewhere".

Oh my.

I'm determined not to spend my birthday {one more sleep - hurrah!} in a hovel so I'm going to put in a two-hour stretch and blitz through the house from bedroom to kitchen. The recyling bin's empty thanks to yesterday's collection, the boot's ready to be filled with more boxes of books for the Salvos and anything else that's left will be housed - but only if it's totally and utterly deserving of a place in my home.

Okay, ready? Set? Go!


  1. Go go go go. One more sleep, yay!

  2. I have a house to clean when you are done at your place. Think of it as an early birthday present.

    In case I forget later:
    Have a great Birthday!

  3. You may not get to read this, I'm a little behind, but I have just started blogging and I just love the photo you used in this blog. It is exactly the image I was looking for to head my blog called living in the jumble. Oh well, glad my search (through my friend who noticed the resemblance between our blog designs)led me to your blog. I love it.


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