Monday, August 02, 2010

perfect paint

Having done a fair bit of painting since moving into this house {gal's bedroom once, hall twice, living room twice and study once} I can say that the right paint makes the world of difference. We painted our living room in a deep, rich red and the paint we used was a nightmare. Thick, goopy and yet with little coverage. However, the British Paint we've used in our gal's room, and in the study have been magnificent. The colours are lovely and just a dream to apply. Should you be crazy enough to consider painting your home, may I suggest you give British Paints a go.


  1. Og Rolf! Love him! And I agree. Good paint makes ALL the difference.

  2. thanks for sharing! I am crazy enough to think that I'll do all the painting in my new just made my day! off I go to check colors....


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