Friday, August 06, 2010

phew, friday

Going anywhere fun or doing anything interesting this weekend? My weekend's busy. Tonight we're putting up pictures in the study and bringing in the rest of the books to fill the shelves - squeeeee. Tomorrow morning it's our last game of netball, so we're having a 'party' at the beach afterwards to celebrate the season. My gal's then going to a Mad Hatters birthday party in the afternoon {oh yeah, party central round here...}. We've bought her a hot pink glitter top hat that we're decorating with a pale pink and silver marabou boa and some pale pink fabric roses. She'll be wearing her red pettiskirt to the party so it shall all be totally fabulous. Also found a fabulous pressie in the Disney range at Diva {yep, they had Alice In Wonderland jewels - guess how much I wanted them for myself?}.

Sunday? Who knows. Farmers Markets naturally - I don't feel like it's a weekend without them. Perhaps some baking with my gal - muffins or cupcakes to freeze for the week's school lunches. And lotsa coffee.



  1. Starting to do mad packing and throwing out as our new kitchen goes in very soon. We have to move the kitchen (microwave, fridge, old pantry) into my library for the 3 weeks that the renovations are taking place. Don't think there will be much relaxing unfortunately. Hope you end the netball season on a win. xxx

  2. Oh wow Kakka - how exciting about your new kitchen!!!! Can't wait to see the results x

  3. We have nothing on. And that makes me happy. But your weekend does sound like lots of fun. Maybe I'll drop by!

  4. Good luck with Netball!
    I'm out for a celebratory night on the tiles with the girls on Saturday, followed by recovery yoga sessions on Sunday.

  5. Lunch with some girlfriends tomorrow, rugby and BBQ with neighbours and then lunch with friends on Sunday. VERY social for us! I'm quite looking forward to it!

    I will have to check out Diva, I have a couple of little ones obsessed with Alice in Wonderland....

  6. Um open house inspection! So tomorrow will be a mad rush making it all pretty like - then I plan on doing NOTHING for the rest of the weekend. Except, perhaps, looking at a certain photo album on Facebook. Can't wait to see your finished product!

  7. LIAPF - sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned...

    Rianna, thank you! Sounds like your weekend will be utterly fab.

    Oooooh Corinne that sounds uber-social and mega-fun. And yes, the Diva stuff is divine with a capital D!

    Beth - good luck! I'll be thinking of you x


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