Monday, August 30, 2010

sleuthing success

Whew, finally. Now, I've found three* shots - woo hoo. Christina Hendricks is just so... sigh... In my eyes she can do no wrong. Adore this shade of mauve with her glorious hair and skin. And just a touch of feathers - damn, I do love feathers...

*{yes, I've finished with the postings of more shots. But I just ad to include that last shot as it showed the stupendous detail on the bodice of this dress. Zac Posen, allow me to kiss your feet...}


  1. she is very beautiful, the dress she is wearing is divine!

  2. I was just watching the red carpet on E! and yes, she is stunning.

  3. That colour is gorgeous and her shade of red hair, perfect!

  4. I love her so so so much!

    She is incredibly sexy and very talented too.

  5. You know how much I adore her. It's sooooooo good to see someone on the red carpet who isn't a stick figure.


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