Sunday, August 15, 2010

slowly does it sunday

I've discovered that if you drink pretty consistently from 12.30 to 10pm your Sunday morning moves at a very, very slow speed... My catch-up with my old uni paper alumni was fabulous. Lunch and a few beers at the Beach Hotel was perfect - the sky was blue, the ocean magnificent - the ideal spot to chat and enjoy the view. Lunch turned into drinks, which then turned into a meal at the rather lovely Kitchen on Darby Street. A rare steak with bernaise sauce and frites was my way of soaking up just a smidgen of the alcohol. Then it was off to another pub before I had to retire - leaving three die-hard party people on their merry way to yet another pub...

How cute is this window box? We snapped it at an open garden a few years ago and it's what I'd like to include on our shed when we build it. How adorable is the triple-toned glass panelled window?

Off to the Farmer's Markets shortly. Hopefully a chicken golzeme will help me recuperate sufficiently to go for a bike ride this afternoon. Surely if it's combined with a coke zero it'll do the trick. Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I love the juxtaposition of leaving your friends to stagger off to another pub and "how cute is this window box?" Made me chuckle.

  2. Ha! Guess my brain wasn't quite into creating any serious forms of sentence structure this morning - glad you got a giggle from it though!

  3. Haha. I always recover with coke zero (it was formally diet coke)! Loving the window.

  4. this sounds a lot like my morning....I caught up with my brother at the pub last night (i rarely have nights out to the pub these days!) drink turned into a few and this morning i felt very fuzzy.....unfortunately i had to take my toddler to a 2 year old bday party at 10am.....

    that was hard work!

  5. My Saturday was similar to your Saturday but there were feather boas involved. I like your window.

  6. Love it! Hangover from hell but window boxes are still cute! Glad you had a fab day and night out though!


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