Thursday, August 26, 2010

something special

A hammock, a green, lush lawn... is there a more perfect spot to while away an afternoon? My perfect afternoon involves lying somewhere slightly shaded, but with enough warmth from the sun for comfort, with a great book and then a quick nap.


What's your idea of bliss?


  1. My idea of bliss is a cheeky nap after a looooong lunch of plenty of food and champagne. One condition of said nap is that there is NO chance that I will be woken by anyone small. That, right there, is my bliss.

  2. Ok now bring this to me with a breve and a brownie, please God.

  3. My perfect afternoon is your perfect afternoon but I am also selecting my next Haigh chocolate from the massive tray beside me. (This is why I'm fat and you're not!) x

  4. That picture is pretty close! With a butler nearby to get me glasses of champagne and cupcakes!

  5. Well that spounds like bliss to me!


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