Friday, August 27, 2010

splashing out

Am I now officially in love with pinupgirlclothing? Why yes I am. Do I keep darting back to check on luscious items of clothing even though I have a story due today? Oh, um, yes. However, did I find the world's most perfect red vintage style swimsuit which makes it all worthwhile? Yeah baby.

Now, as my knee rehabilitation process will involve swimming, water walking and water running would it not be a sensible idea to do so in the world's most smoking hot swimsuit.

Wow, nearly deafened by the chorus of "Yes'm" I just heard.

Thank you.


  1. Yes'm!

    Hope the knee is on the improve.

  2. That is one hot swimming cozzie!!!

  3. I think this would make my knee get better far more quickly don't you think?

  4. Oh absolutely! I wish I had the thighs to pull this one off. It's the BEST colour and cut I've seen in ages. Knee Smee!

  5. I want this swim suit. I love the pin up era X


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