Saturday, August 21, 2010

sunny saturday

Morning all. We're off to vote in a tic - I'm hoping there's a cake stall selling pretties such as these - ooooooh.

Enjoy your Saturday lovelies xx


  1. All we get when voting is those annoying people thrusting how to vote papers at you - getting some yummy goodies would make the whole thing so much more of a pleasure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Just back from the vote and I picked up the YUMMIEST, CUTEST little cupcakes that I didn't have to bake myself. Forget who wins tonight, I've got a result!

  3. vote during the week (go red!) so missed out on all the good cakes and sosso sizzles - that (and Mr Oakes) is the best thing about election day!

  4. there wasn't anything yummy being sold where we went to vote today, just one huge queue and the wind and rain. Cakes would have been wonderful :)


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