Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tea time?

I'm loving this whole having-people-do-things-for-you-while-you-just-lie-on-a-couch-scenario. So far my in-laws have washed and remade my daughter's bed, mopped the kitchen floor, tidied kitchen cupboards, watered the garden and made me cups of tea. AND there are two meals ready to go in the fridge. I love these people.

Now, I was just going through my iPhone photos and found this close-up I promised of my violet tea cup - pretty isn't it? It's one of a matching pair that resides on the wee bookcase in my study and I heart it so.

You know what else I heart? Clean hair. Yep, managed to stand on one leg long enough to wash my hair which was so desperately in need of a wash it'd almost merged into one giant dreadlock - or, my greatest fear - undergone felting {a weird condition where girls with long hair can just wake up one morning and their hair has all fused together, felt-like, into a dreadlock - used to be the condition I feared most after spontaneous combustion... yep, used to watch far too many of those "Freaky But True" TV shows...}.


  1. I love that feeling of clean hair too! I used to love watching that show The Extraordinary when I was a kid, and I always borrowed books from the library along the 'strange but true' lines, couldn't get enough of it!.

    Thankfully you've got people to look after you. Hoping the knee feels better soon! Although not too soon, so you get to make the most of being waited on!

  2. that is one cute tea cup - enjoy a cuppa, clean hair and rest!

  3. Love the tea cup. I can imagine it looks gorgeous with your lilac room. Hope you're knee is feeling better and you're enjoying those endless cups of tea on the lounge with a good book. I almost envy you...almost! LOL

  4. Mrs P, we must be kindred souls - I was also a fan of the extraordinary in literature! And thank you!

    Hi Mira, thanks for stopping by and for the kind wishes x

    Kim, thanks - it does look pretty. And yes, I envied myself for, oh, a few hours - then I got bored...


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