Thursday, August 26, 2010

totally unreal

So, reality television. It's been around for a while. So if you're keen to be a participant, chances are you've watched a bit of it and understand that you're going to become a 'character'. If not, then you're an idiot.

I've been sucked deep into the vortex that is Come Dine With Me Australia series 2 and this week I've actually been quite flabergasted by how nasty one of the characters is. Sure, they're all playing a game and putting on a show - I expect them to. But why on earth would you put on a show that leads to you becoming one of the more reviled characters in Australian television history. Bitchiness, judgement, rudeness - seriously, this woman is playing every single character to the hilt and I just can't understand why. Surely she's not naturally such a nasty piece of work...

I know that Reality Raver has been threatened with a lawsuit from the Voldemort {he who shall not be named in case he sues me too...} of the last series - despite him actually being involved in the entertainment industry and using the program as an extensive personal show-real. Unfortunately for him, Paul Robinson was already cast and there's no need for a Mr Nasty on any other soap.

The one benefit of these programs is that no matter how cranky or horrible you've been that day or that week, you can guarantee that there's a larger than life character up on screen who makes you look like Snow White!


  1. I really like Come Dine With Me Australia but as I was watching it today, I thought this week they have really picked on most of their negative traits.

    Helen's bitchiness, Ray's yobbiness and sweating, Taylor's geekiness, and Paula is nice but appears to be a tad dull.

    So I would be pretty wary of being on this show.

    But agree with you it is 30 minutes of fun. And also fun by watching it to wonder what I would cook if I was on the show.

  2. Oh Helen actually made me feel ill last night - it was awful (actually, that 'dessert' also made me feel ill...)

    BTW _ Taylor really is a 58 year old in an 18 year old body. Bless him and his giggles last night though!

  3. I love come dine with me, I have an episode recorded on foxtell iQ to watch, that I haven't had a chance to do yet.


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