Wednesday, August 04, 2010

trying to control myself

I'm beside myself. My carpet's being laid today and tonight I can get my study in order. Oh, bliss! The whole study renovation's taken place so quickly I barely feel that it's real. Oh, but it is...

As part of my planning for our French holiday next year I follow a few Frenchies on Twitter - including French Vogue {oooh, la LA} which is where I found out about Karl Largerfeld's photography exhibition {that's his work above}. C'est magnifique.


  1. How exciting on both accounts, I can see why you are beside yourself :)

  2. I found out that there is a Valentino exhibition in Brisbane at the excited to go look at beautiful dresses.

    Hope you don't explode with excitement :)

  3. Squeeeeeeeee! PHOTOS PUHLEASE...!

  4. Ooooh la LA indeed.

    AND I cannot wait much longer for pics... please oh please post some.


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