Sunday, August 01, 2010

weekend wonders

Now, for those who've been asking the big reveal of my study will be on Thursday, or maybe Friday of this week. The carpet's getting laid on Wednesday afternoon and then we'll start moving the furniture into the room... I'm a wee bit on the excited side. We painted the hall yesterday, and will spend the morning laying another coat of high gloss on the skirting boards, chair rails and picture rails {so much to paint in a Victorian home!}.

Next thing is we'll need to paint the frames of most of the pictures that go in our hall white, with maybe the odd antique gold mixing it up. We'd love to have a gallery effect in our narrow hallway - don't you just love groupings of images?


  1. I do love a grouped image collection. What I love more though, is the arco lamp in this shot. LOVE them.

  2. Can not wait to see the big reveal - I am so excited for you. Love these images as well. Hope you are having a great weekend and are not too exhausted from all the painting. xxx

  3. yep, I love them! I also love that cushion with the union jack on it. I'm loving union jacks at the moment.

  4. that IS exciting....And yes i love grouped images....It is one of my favorite things to look at when I visit can learn a lot about them in this way. I sound so nosey saying this! Ha ha


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