Saturday, August 07, 2010

what a day

Well, my girls played beautifully for their last game of the season - they didn't win score-wise, but they really won team-wise. This bunch of girls are just all so beautiful. Their passion and enthusiasm is contagious - I've adored coaching them.

We just had a fabulous party down by the beach with the girls giggling, playing and racing around. If I'm lucky enough to coach them next year I'm going to organise a party at the start of the year too.

The parents gave me a beautiful present - a gift voucher at Essential Ingredient - woo hoo! Oh I'll have fun spending that - and the girls all wrote on a card which was just gorgeous. One of my girls came up to me at the party and handed me a card she'd designed and written which just made me so teary. She told me she loved my positivity and hoped that when she grew up she'd be like me. Higher praise? There is none.

I love the girls I coach. My aim is to make them the best netballer, the best team player and the most self-assured person possible. Some of the skills I'm teaching don't improve their game - but they strengthen their body to avoid injury and when they're older these skills will really come into play. My girls mightn't win every game - but they come off knowing they've done their best and that next week they'll do even better.

What more could you ask for?


  1. You'd be a great coach! Congrats on the end of the season and well done YOU for all that you teach them (and us) everyday! And those balloons? Used them for Daisy's 1st b'day party. Love 'em!

  2. So fantastic. I'm not surprised that the girls love you so much... You'll miss the season! x

  3. fantastic - you are quite right, there is no higher praise than someone hoping to be like you when they grow up....One of my best memories from childhood was Saturday morning netball...

    You sound like a fabulous coach - you should be very proud!

  4. I've long wanted to say that I am deeply impressed with your coaching skills and values. It's so rare for a coach to value their players working together and just IMPROVING, instead of always focusing on winning. Winners are made, not born, but having the right attitude NEVER hurts either. Congratulations Linda. I am so proud to be your friend!

  5. It was Kelly - just beautiful.

    Thanks Maxabella, I'm already trying to put together a team for the Twilight comp from September to November!

    Thank you Gill. I remember my netball coach making us do boring laps around all the courts, never playing the weaker players and so many other demoralising things. I swore I'd be the opposite!

    Sara Rose - you've made me cry. Thank you. Your friendship means a lot to me xx


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