Tuesday, August 03, 2010

what's cooking this week*

Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Well, that was quite the storm we had last night. Wild rain and winds so strong it blew our wheely bin right across the yard and into a rose bush {luckily a very recently pruned rose bush so no real damage}. It's still raining and very frosty, so that's going to influence this week's meals.

For lunch today I'm going to cook up a pot of butternut pumpkin and bacon soup. Mmmmm. For dinner? Well I'm thinking a beef stew with dumplings and herbed potatoes.
Wednesday: my last netball training session for the season: Chicken curry in the slow cooker served with rice, garlic naan and wilted greens {we didn't get around to making this last saturday}
Thursday: French lessons: spaghetti bolognaise will do just nicely
Friday: home-made pizza
Saturday: pork and cider casserole, cauliflower and broccoli au gratin
Sunday: Roast chicken dinner - with roasted parsnips and carrots along with the usual suspects
Monday: Late game of netball - really late - so an early dinner. I'm going to try Maxabella's pasta bake.
Tuesday: Lamb and green bean stew, pumpkin mash and garlic-sodden greens.

What's on your plates this week?

*Thanks Beth for reminding me that, yes, today is tuesday not wednesday...


  1. But it's Tuesday right? RIGHT?! Don't scare me like this PPMJ!

  2. YUM! Your menu sounds delightful.

    This week, no plans yet.

    Home-made Chicken schnitzels tonight with veggies.

    I have barramundi in the fridge. But am not in a fish mood this week, wahhh.

  3. Right back at you gorgeous Rianna!

    Um, yep, scared myself too!

    Sam, schitzels are always a good idea, and I know what you mean about the fish. Have you ever made a fish curry or fish pie? I think it's the only way seafood appeals to me in this weather...

  4. I loooove your posts about planned meals....you give me so much inspiration, I was kinda running out of ideas; I am going to cook chicken cacciatore in slow cooker today and a sour soup with meatballs; xx

  5. Oh Oana, I think I need the recipe for sour soup with meatballs - sounds amazing!

  6. let me try it first, see how it is and if everything is ok, will send it to you; xx

  7. Everytime you do a post like this, I want you to come over to my place and give me your leftovers! You are one inspiring gourmet lady!

  8. I can't believe I missed this link to my pasta bake. I particularly cannot believe that one of my recipes featured on PPMJ's menu for the week!? Did you end up making it? Did you like?


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