Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Things are slowing down now. Netball's finished {well, until Twilight Netball starts next month} so that's making my meal planning a little different. Here's what we're eating this week:
Tonight: Well, it's my birthday so we're off to Bistro Tartine. French yumminess shall be consumed - and washed down with French bubbles...
Thursday: French lessons: I didn't make a chicken curry last week, so I'll make it this week. Complete with rice and garlic naan.
Friday: My gal's been begging for salmon so salmon it is. Served with lemon roasted potatoes and garlic greens. For dessert - well I'm glad you asked. My freezer has been rearranged and now the KitchenAid ice cream bowl is freezing in preparation for some vanilla bean icecream. Oh yes.
Saturday: I'm catching up with my old alumni from the Uni Newspaper - so it's only the boy and the girl at home. They can create home-made pizza.
Sunday: Toasty roasty. Last week I bought a divine pork rib roast and roasted it on a bed of rhubarb. This week I might aim for Saltbush Lamb.
Monday: Early game of netball. Chorizo pasta bake and salad.
Tuesday: Ballet: pork and cider casserole with greens.

What's on your plates this week?


  1. The fridge in your photo is having quite the workout isn't it? I am always so impressed with the gourmet-ness (new word, just for you!) of your menu plan. I have no idea what we are even having tonight, let alone the rest of the week. Note to self: improve organisation.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Now May I please come and live at your house? I'm hungry after readin about all that ymmy food.

  3. I do have fridge envy MM - looks amazing doesn't it? And, I do bang on about it, but meal planning WILL change your life. Promise!

    Thanks E - I'm hungry now too - must find lunch!

  4. happy birthday!

    i must start meal planning, i am getting a little better but it still comes as a suprise when my family ask ME "what's for dinner?" response is nearly always "hmmm, good question!"

    i have taken note of your meal plan though....sounds delicious!


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