Monday, September 20, 2010

aiming high

I thought these Versace numbers I found at perfectly illustrated my blog post today. See, they're ridiculously high, almost ludicrously so, and yet, they're so perfectly formed walking in them would actually be achievable {it'd just take a little practice...}

It's a fine line between fabulous and ridiculous. And that line's just as keen as the line between perfect and excellent.

I nearly had a mini-meltdown last week. Lots of work, including work for a new editor. Now, I always aim to impress but when I'm handing in my first piece, I want that article to shine. The thing is, I'm not expecting it to be perfect, so that's where I have to reign myself in - I just want it to be fabulous.

I still do a lot of talking to myself when it comes to trying to change annoying habits. I have to tell myself, "No, stop, you've researched enough, just start writing" and "no more edits - if you tweak this any more it'll start looking like Joan Rivers' face". Because there's always something else you can do, something to add, something to take away. But you have to know when to stop and think, "yep, this works". You've got to find that line when it's fabulous, before it crosses over into ridiculous.


  1. My life is spent always in search for being fabulous. Being just as fabulous as I can be, and I can assure I know I have crossed that line into ridiculous many, many times (hello current hair cut I am talking to YOU).

  2. A very important lesson indeed, my friend. I love your line about Joan Rivers' face. I have to say that my 'ridiculous line' must be a little lower than yours because I could never in a million trillion years walk in a pair of shoes like that. x

  3. I hear you. Oh, I hear you. It could always be better - but it's important to get it in on time. I go with the theory that the first attempt is often the best attempt. Too much tweaking and the message can get muddled.
    Great post.

  4. omg. i want them! but i cannot walk in them. go figure.

  5. That last paragraph in particular is so true of me as well - I have a HORRIBLE habit of retweaking things to within an inch of their lives. Oh - and those shoes rock. As always!

  6. You will be fabulous! I know how you feel. I felt that when I had to hand my first Uni papers in a month ago {I know completely different situation}. My point was that to my surprise I received a distinction. You will too.
    Your truly talented. X


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