Tuesday, September 14, 2010

breaking that fast

If you'd asked me a few days ago if I liked muesli, I'd have answered with a resounding, "Hell yeah". However, should you have pressed me to tell which brand of muesli I liked I would have mumbled a sheepish, "Um, I'm still looking..."

Good muesli is an exacting science. It needs to have just the right amount of plump, chewy dried fruits and crunchy nuts, a hit of flavour and yummy oats. Of course toasted oats are always best - but then again that usually fills them full of fat - so you might as well be having a good ol' british fry up for breakfast.

But now, oh now I've discovered the Holy Grail of Muesli. Apparently it's just had a packaging change and leapt out at me with its box so stylish it deserves a wee glass display shelf all on its own in my kitchen. I braved the Velvety Vanilla flavour, even though I worried it'd have an antisceptic 'vanilla essence' taste. But oh my NO!

This muesli is only half toasted - so you get the delicious crunch, but with way less fat. Crunchy macadamias are studded throughout while plump dried cranberries, coconut and dates provide the perfect accompaniment to a vanilla taste so pure and delicious you'd swear you were supping on a vanilla-bean pannacotta.

This, my friends, is Muesli Nirvana. AND it's Aussie-made. If you're seeking the ideal breakfast allow me to implore you to give this a shot {oh, and it's also available in honey flavoured if vanilla ain't your thang...}


  1. I want to employ you to write our advertising copy! I'm compelled to purchase after reading your scrumptious endorsement!!

    I would like to defend the humble oat, however. Oats are one of the world's most nutritious foods and they contain zero fat - unless you toast them up in butter or oil, of course. But that's not the fault of the Oat. X

  2. Must be all the advertorials I've been writing lately Maxabella!

    But oh, this muesli, hard not to wax lyrical with such a delightful bowl. I know what you mean about oats - they're amazing, but heaven forbid we should leave it be...

  3. Oh yes I love this muesli too! It's so yummy and it fills me up so that I'm not hungry until lunch time.

  4. Ooh I love a good muesli, must go and try some.

  5. you've sold me!
    this will definitely be jumping into the shopping basket on the next foray into the dreaded supermarket.


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