Thursday, September 09, 2010

bridal party perfection

Of course! If anyone were to do a wedding to perfection it would be Christina Hendricks. I found this shot this morning, and can't believe that nobody told me she had bridesmaids frocked out in fabulous vintage.



  1. *My friend did something very similar. She didn't have bridesmaids but she requested that her sisters dress in similar vintage & the other guests were also told that it was a vintage style wedding and they all themed in beautifully. They were married in winter in a beautiful old church in the country. They've always been very into cars as are most of thier family and friends. There were so many hot rods: the photos were sensational. :)
    *My cousin did a 'sneaky' vintage wedding. We were told that it was a 1920s dress up for her 30th then: 'surprise', a celebrant announces what we were really there for. Everyone looked amazing and the night and photos were brilliant. :)

  2. You must stop fuelling my 'lady crush'!

  3. Maxabella, it's just perfection isn't it!

    Kelly, you're so right.

    Oh, Elecat, what lovely, lovely weddings! How beautiful x

    MultipleMum - I'm sorry, you and me both - she's some kind of exquisite drug...


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